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TIDE published at Nucleic Acid Research
TIDE developed at Netherlands Cancer Institute - NKI

TIDE: Tracking of Indels by Decomposition

TIDE is a simple and accurate assay to precisely determine the spectrum and frequency of targeted mutations generated in a pool of cells by genome editing tools such as CRISPR/Cas9, TALENs and ZFNs. TIDE requires only standard molecular biology reagents and involves three simple steps: 1. One pair of standard PCR reactions. 2. One pair of standard capillary ("Sanger") sequencing reactions. 3. Analysis of the two resulting raw sequencing files using a dedicated web tool. The algorithm accurately reconstructs the spectrum of indels from the sequence traces. The web tool reports the precise identity of the mutations and their frequencies in a few intuitive graphs and tables.

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Getting Started with acquiring TIDE Premium Software Package

Benefits of TIDE Premium

Batch Processing

With TIDE premium, you can process multiple samples simultaneously.

Data Security

Although the TIDE web tool does not store or analyze any uploaded data, you may prefer to keep your confidential sequence files local.

No Firewall/Connection Issues

Local deployment/installation of TIDE on your own servers / private cloud overcomes access problems related to firewall issues.

Technical Support

Ready to use TIDE software package also comes with one year technical support*.

What are my options?


Academic/Research Institutes & Universities
1 year of tech support*
Set-up Fee 2000
Set-up Fee with additional discount 1500**

Small Medium Enterprises

Small/Medium Enterprises with < 100 people
1 year of tech support*
Set-up Fee 4000
Set-up Fee with additional discount 3000**


Large Corporations with > 100 people
1 year of tech support*
Set-up Fee 8000
Set-up Fee with additional discount 6000**

How does this work?

Step 1 > Request TIDE

Request TIDE software package via this web app by choosing an option that fits your organization.

Step 2 > License Agreement

Next, the Tech Transfer Office of NKI-AVL will get in touch with you to finalize the license agreement.

Step 3 > Download TIDE

Done! Your account will be created and you can download the ready to deploy TIDE package.

*Continued tech support & free updates of new TIDE versions after the initial one year term can be secured against an annual fee that is 15% of the initial license/set-up fee.
**This discounted rate will allow NKI to publish/advertise the fact that we’ve entered into a license agreement with Licensee concerning the Software, primarily through our TIDE website.

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Technical Requirements for TIDE Deployment

Deploy TIDE on Shiny R Server

Required platform: Web Server
Required Software:

  • Web Server OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later / Fedora 19+ / RedHat 7+ / openSUSE 13.1+ (For installing the Shiny Server binary 64 bit architecture is needed)
  • R version: 3.1.1 or later
  • Installing Shiny Server on Amazon linux instances (e.g. EC2 t2 micro) is also possible. But make sure you have a compatible linux OS (e.g. ‘Amazon Linux AMI’).
  • The required R packages from TIDE and shiny package works with R version 3.0.2 or higher but it is highly recommended to get a version of R 3.1.1 for a smoother deployment of TIDE shiny R package.

Deploy TIDE on Cloud Server

Required platform: Any local machine from where you can deploy to the shinyapps.oi cloud.
Required Software:

  • Local Machine OS: Linux/Windows/Mac OSX
  • R version: 3.1.1 or later
  • You would require an account in cloud server and you can choose from plans (Free, Basic, Standard or Professional) for your need.

TIDE Premium Users

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